Where Trees Once Stood

by Daniel and the Sparrows

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This is the first project of its kind for Daniel and the Sparrows. Being by far the most expensive, ambitious, and fun endeavor I've ever attempted, "Where Trees Once Stood" epitomizes my (and dare I say our) philosophy in music. Keeping the rough and edgy feel of a live performance, this EP tries to tie both the religiously liturgical and spatial aspect of music with the geographically transcendent power of digitally recorded audio. While it's not completely "pure" (we've had to layer over a few instruments and vocals), this work is very much live and raw.

The entire set was filmed and can be watched at this link:



released May 24, 2015

All songs written and composed by Daniel Lim (except for the outro)

Arrangements by Daniel Lim and Joshua Lee

Daniel Lim (Guitar and Vocals), Stephanie Lim (Guitar), Joshua Lee (Piano and Celeste), Song Kim (Cello), Sylvia Robin (Violin), Tyler Blohm (Double Bass), Isaiah Nichols (Drums), Matthew Casiple (Trombone and Harmonica)

All songs mixed and mastered by Ryan McConnaughay

Head videographer: Pavel Adamek
Camera men: Reidar Fostervold, James Hasdak, Joe Straw

Special Thanks
Joe Manning, Gabrielle Torres, Jessica Lenning, Victoria Kim



all rights reserved


Daniel and the Sparrows Singapore

I've got a cheap mic, and an interface that's been with me since I was 16. Now I plan to travel the world recording albums such as this one... If you like my music, please BUY something. :) It will help fund future albums...

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Track Name: Where Our Spirit Fell
These houses burn bright
Sending fickle rays of light into the sky
Like dying stars
So it goes with us
You and I both are alive
But for a moment
But for a silent heartbeat

We light the skies
We are all still idealistic from our youth
Oh we do not know
Where we will go
Or where we will end up
If we go down this road
If we keep on walking

In the light of this dream
That's been burning to the ground
Come my heart, come my soul, come and wake from this spell
Come and stand where our spirits fell

When I was yours to take
And your grace was there for me to take for granted
So I did
The crowd that created my muse was standing in the way
To your side
While I was climbing

There is light at the end of this fall

Come my heart, come my soul, come and wake from this spell
Come and stand where our spirits fell
Come my pain, come sorrow, come and die in the well
There will be new life where our spirits fell
Track Name: God of My Doubt
Will I find you in this forest
Under shadows, do you hide
Will I see the light through the leaves and
through the scars that mark my side
When you walk with me through fear
why do I feel so alone
oh God of my doubt, you are still, God of this world

And in spite of my discontentment
You challenge me to kneel
But even as my knees begin to bleed
I hear you say
Where is your great faith my child
Where is the seed I placed in you
oh God of my doubt, you are still, my gardener

And I can sense the rain is coming
I can smell it in the air
You tell me to stand firm against the wind that
levels the land
I am but a temporal flower
in a place where trees once stood
Oh God of my doubt, you are still, God of this fool

I am but a broken man
A contradiction to your love
Oh God of my doubt, you are still, God of this heart
Track Name: We are Gardens
We are gardens, where the Lord once dwelled in
Born from the earth our breath was the wind
So it goes we became like barren empty lands
Trading our living earth for the dust in the sand

There is a farmer who walks the land
The ground beneath meets the seed in his hand
We are clay we are vessels for beauty
But do our roots reach deep enough for us to stand

If you believe that we were meant for more
then look above and realize
We could be trees that are planted by the river
flowing from the source of life

Now we are the children, we are the heirs to
the city that's shining like a star on a hill
Though we are shadows of our Father's land
We've got to change the soil for the seeds in our hands

If you could see all the love in our Father's eyes
Then you will know that to live you must die
Here on this earth we are one and the same
Feeling each other's joy, the sunshine and the rain

We are gardens
We are gardens full of life
We are gardens
We are going to survive
Track Name: Into the Woods
Lead me off the weathered path
Take me to the place where crowds begin to pass
I can hear the river rushing on its way
But I'm not going anywhere until you're here

I've had a dream about this place
Where broken wood came alive, my soul will turn to face
the trees were walking like people
this broken life begins to sing in second part

And you've painted the inner walls of my heart (x2)

Into the woods
Where you broke the frozen castles of my heart
And when you found there's nothing left in me but sorrow
you said child, my arms are bigger than your throne
and on my face, your hand is warm

Our broken hearts amidst the grass
Reflecting grace like the dawn that's breaking across against the glass
We've got to turn towards the light
It's a dangerous place inside when you're alone