When We Wake, Until We Fall

by Daniel and the Sparrows

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released December 18, 2014

Daniel Lim: Lead vocals, Background vocals, Guitars, Harmonica, and percussions
Stephanie Lim: Vocals for “Oh My God” and “The Sun with All its Promises”
Gabrielle Torres: Vocals for “The Sun with All its Promises” and “If Our Hearts are Midnight”
Ayanda Khumalo: Drums for “If Our Hearts are Midnight”, “The Mountain”, “Take Over My Poor Heart”, and “Light”
Dennis Tng: Drums for “Bury Me”
Eric Reyes: Piano on “If Our Hearts are Midnight”, “The Mountain”, “Till We Fall”, and “Light”, and Vocals for “If Our Hearts are Midnight”
Dominic Soon: Keys for “Bury Me”
Immanuel Aziz: Electric guitar for “Light” and Bass for “The mountain”
Matt Swanton: Electric Guitar for “Bury Me”
Isaiah Nichols: Bass for “Take Over My Poor Heart” and “Light”
Gregory Low: Bass for “Bury Me”
Jasmine Sims: Spoken word for “If Our Hearts are Midnight”
Anna-Marie Henry: Vocals for “The Sun with All its Promises”
Elmer Bernardo: Percussions for “The Sun with All its Promises”
Eunchan Lee: Cello for “If Our Hearts are Midnight” and “Light”
The Village: Choir for “If Our Hearts are Midnight”

Special Thanks to:
Firstly, I would like to say thank you to my Wife, for supporting and bearing with the artist in me. Next, to The Village, for lending me their voices and humor when I needed it most, thank you. While it only amounted to one song in the whole album, the people involved in the Philippines tour have played a big part in the development of both my music and this album. Thank you Anna Marie Henry, Gabrielle Torres, Elmer Bernardo, Christer de Silva, the Covita family, the Torrez Family, and UBC, particularly Eugene Talusan. My greatest gratitude goes out to Reidar Fostervold and Ryan McConnaughay for being directly involved in the technical production of this album. Finally, to God, for giving me the skills and passion to write and sing, and to my family, for raising me well.

All songs written and composed by Daniel Lim except for "If Our Hearts are Midnight" by Jasmine Sims, and "The Sun with All Its Promises" by Daniel Lim, Gabrielle Torres, Stephanie Lim, and Anna-Marie Henry.
Recorded, mixed, and produced by Daniel Lim
Mastered by Ryan McConnaughay
Visuals by Reidar Fostervold



all rights reserved


Daniel and the Sparrows Singapore

I've got a cheap mic, and an interface that's been with me since I was 16. Now I plan to travel the world recording albums such as this one... If you like my music, please BUY something. :) It will help fund future albums...

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Track Name: The Mountain
As the City Sleeps below tonight
Would you meet me here in the morning light
Say to me in the midst of my fear
Say anything so I'd know that you're near

And higher and higher away we go
'Til the air grows thin and we begin to slow
At the edge of this mountain with the sun in my reach
This wall of doubt is about to be breached

And I'll say what I know
And you'll teach me the rest
And I'll say what I know
And I'll dream of this mountain in the valley of death

I've walked on ice and I've walked on stone
The cold came in through my skin to my bones
But I'll wrestle with you 'til the morning light
Though you've touched my hip I will put up a fight

Time again I've begun to grow
A little more angry and a little more cold
But you've held to this cynic like the spring to the breeze
When the ice melts away I'll be finally free
Track Name: Racing Horses
We've all had dreams of heaven
When we wake it feels like hell
We're not brave enough to show it
Too cowardly to flinch in the flame

If we could only flaunt our stains
So the only beauty left is love
If we could only show our face
And define our souls from above

I believe the no one is to walk alone
I can see if we look behind we'll turn to stone

We are blind like racing horses
We are blind to his love
And she can see right now
That there is peace for her
She's alive

This unspeakable truth
That unreasonable tear
So she struggles beneath the surface of her skin
Only visible to him

Even when the world is blind
Even when there is no light
Smile into the face of God
Awaken those lost in the dark
Track Name: 'Til We Fall
Several years ago
When I was young, I would know
That in the morning glow
When my cheeks were cold, the air was gold

If I went too far
Across the field and to the sea
Will you meet me there
Though I've caused so much pain

As we grow older
Our hearts get colder
Don't slow me down
And we lose focus
Our eyes grow darker
Until we fall
We fall

In this time of self reflection
The water is calm, there is now wind
But beneath the mirror lake
Your crying eyes across from mine
Track Name: Take Over My Poor Heart
Take over my poor heart
Make it rich with love
Save it from the dark
let it rise above me

If I say let me go, call my bluff
Even if I lay all my cards down in a royal flush

I've figured it out one day
You knew my hand
You read me like a map
Writing in the sand

When you came into my life, I pushed you out
And when we struggled in the dark, you changed my heart

And though my heart is in a mess
I find there is love
there is love

There is love
Track Name: Oh My God
I didn't mind you sitting right beside me
You didn't mind my hand
And I said “Oh my God!” I don't understand her
Cause she didn't seem to care

It was raining outside but the storm was deep inside me
Greater than the ocean's tide
No one else could see our hands beneath the sheets
But We couldn't seem to hide

And I said “Oh my God!”
Where are you taking me?
Oh my Lord
Her love is like the sea
It's coming over me

The first time you met my father and my mother
I asked your hand be given me
My father said, “accidents could happen”
Accidents like you apparently

A few weeks later the first of January
We took to the skies that day
And I forgot to get down on my knees but
I said yes anyway
Track Name: Bury Me
Oh my friends, what have we sacrificed
Have we pinned our lives against a dying tree
Can you feel though you cannot see
Will you recognize the man who set you free

Bury me in a place far away from home
Where no one knows my name or where I've been

Oh my love, how could we separate
You've taken all the heat and I've replaced them with these lights
So I called out of the silent cold
And you replied with the flame
That I could never hold

Oh my mind begins to wander
Straying out from the shadows
I pray my heart will follow soon
See I've seen your face through the looking glass
You beckon me to enter fast
Welcome to a brave new world

And I'll send you regards from the other side
Track Name: I am Lost
I've traded the stars for street lights and cars
And though this roads familiar
I don't know where we are
These maps and signs they lead me back to you

My pride has led me a hundred miles
In the wrong direction
Is it too late to turn around
Am I far too gone to recognize

Where I am without you
I am lost, Oh I am lost
Now I've seen the light
but it's blinded me oh no

I saw you in the garden where innocents was lost
I saw you in our battles
Trading your life for the cost
And still the world thinks your wasting time

The only place where I could see myself grow
Is the place the world forbids
The place that I don't know
All I know is that I have lost my way

I'll stay awake for awhile
I'll stay awake for now
Track Name: The Sun with All Its Promises
There's a common need that we all share
Like bread and wine and love and air
It may be free but it's a price that we can't pay

Here's a question never asked
Are you more than your painted past
You may be free but you're behind your phantom bars

Hold your gaze a little longer
Hold your gaze a little higher

The sun with all its promises
Will keep its word for but an hour
And when it sleeps, silent demons come

For the sun is merely smoke and shadows
When seen beside the greater light
A light that always rises but never sets

He'll strip us of our stars that turn our eyes away
Track Name: Light
Go ahead and breathe
Go ahead and feel the leaves
beneath your naked feet

Open up your eyes
Not only to see the light
But to share it with the dark

Drink to the life
that's tied us to the groom who's called us
To be His chosen bride

Though there isn't a song
that captures the breadth of His love
the weight of His despair

If we have
Been through the waters
There should be Light
Where there are
shadows in our lives
There should be Light

have fallen in the dark
we're painted to be painters too
children of the light
Though there's cause to doubt
That everything will be beautiful
In His patient time