One Ocean Mile

by Daniel and the Sparrows

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released February 9, 2013

To Hannah Lim and Wenda Kong for working alongside me in spite of their disturbingly busy schedules. Also to Steph my fiance who's been believing in my music even when I didn't, and to Lin Hamman and K.K. Wong for being part of the technical side of this project.

Thank you.

But the biggest portion of gratitude goes to God who put me on the ship in the first place.



all rights reserved


Daniel and the Sparrows Singapore

I've got a cheap mic, and an interface that's been with me since I was 16. Now I plan to travel the world recording albums such as this one... If you like my music, please BUY something. :) It will help fund future albums...

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Track Name: Prelude
Planting trees in barren lands
Praying for the rain
Track Name: A Million
Take all these words
Take it from my head into my heart
Take all my clay
Take it from the sun before it dries

Take all these stains
Take it from my sleeves into your hands
Take all your songs
Take it from my heart to my lips

Fall into the sea
Falling from the comfort of the ship
Fall away from me
Like dried and shrivelled peels from my sun burnt skin

Fall like your free
Falling from the heat of machinery
Fall like your grace
That's bleeding from your side like a waterfall

A million steps to go from the earth to the snow
like a million hours of drowning in the sea
I've looked into your book of grace but I can't find my name there
There're a million other names in front of me
Still you call me lover, still you call me son
Still you call me brother oh why
Oh Why
Track Name: Run
I lay my head beneath a world of leaves and skies
Though I haven't stepped outside for several years
These prison bars that hold me and the shackles on my shins
Are holding me firm to these sheets

Even though my arms are weak and my fingers have grown thin
I cling to all the words that fall into my hands
The waterfalls that crushed me as the water rushed towards me
Are the hands that will bring healing to my soul
And now I'll finally…

Run.. Even though
I haven't left my bed for several years
And I'll move several miles
Even though my feet will never taste the earth

A life time ago, even though I swam in oceans
I wasn't free till I was a broken man
I had feet to kiss the earth and hands to caress the stones
But now I'm given wings to stir the sky

Rivers flowing fast but not fast enough to find me
Will cease to flow long before I'm gone
Second chances fill my second handed heart
A hundred reasons not to go to sleep
And now I'll finally…
Track Name: Beneath the Tree
He sits with me beneath the tree
I am a wandering sparrow
My pride flew too high, too close to the sun
Like Icarus I felt the burn

He is the storm rushing through the fields
I am a withering Lilly
My fear grows deep as He draws near to me
But I find His rain gives me life
I find His rain gives me life

He wept beneath the tree
He ran through the fields
I'll spend this lifetime learning why
My maker had cried(died) for me

He is the moon steering all the tides
I am like drifting wood
My whole life's full of ever-changing waves
But it's His current that brings me home
It's His current that brings me home
Track Name: Soul Veins
My world is in a box with your arms
As its lids wide open
As its lids wide open
Your sigh is the wind inside my lungs
I live off your sorrow
So there's grace for tomorrow

And I find
There's peace of mind
Even though
There's no blood in my soul veins

Please, They said it's alright
But I can't deal with alright
Why do I stay up all night
My Soul, soul Veins are empty
Dry and empty
Is it a crime
Is it my crime

The call in the room rings for the time span
Of a sip of coffee
Nobody cares
They just laugh like I once did when my shoulders
Were not so heavy
Oh my load is so heavy
Track Name: Burning Sparks
We've never needed a solid place to stay
We've never had a reason not to play
But now this country with all its empty noise
Is drowning out our songs, our dreams and voice

I walk cause cars they move too fast
and the trees and tired lights go rushing on
I'll stop cause the people that pass me by
Need to go a little slow for a second chance

We'll take only what we need
Cause a billion other people need a little more
Run away, we'll run from every superficial face
and leave them all to run their weary days

FIll the world with burning sparks
There's a hundred other people in the dark
Like waking from a dream to a better one
We've opened up our eyes to see the sun

Don't breath or take in their disease
Or it'll spread around our core like blood on the floor
Leave All your pillows in your bed
Cause when its time to wake you've got to lift your head
Track Name: These Waters Begin to Sing
These potted plants and sacred hills
The dogs are are in the sand and the water drowns the fields
The bread and words you eat are showing on your skin
Like the sound of distant thunder through the trees

Early morning comes and the children before the sun rise
Are running as the river fills with light
These elevated houses won't save you from the floods
And the water begins to sing
These waters begin to sing

I will be with you in the dark
But it's light now so I will have to sleep
It'll come into your hearts like wind through the wooden floors
Like water flooding every passing field

Sweeping your uneven floors the dirt escapes your broom
Only rain will wash away your stains
Sleeping on uneven floors the ground will bruise your hips
The water begins to sing
These waters begin to sing
Track Name: One Ocean Mile
You took a look at the tide ahead your soul was afraid
And I could see it from the tears and smiles that one ocean mile

The wind that's cold on your back's the same as the wind in your sail
Today you curse it though you know it's guiding you home

You found a different way to drown inside your soul

And it's one more ocean mile
Yea it's one more ocean mile to go
Though you sailed a million miles to save your soul
Your soul
Your soul

Oh don't you long for the cliffs and coasts their rocks cut the most
Oh just remember where you belong in the sea and its songs

And all the waves and tides inside your car that day
Pulled you in you lose control
Track Name: I Don't Have to be Afraid
In the night
I especially afraid of you
In the light
I feel ashamed cause I'm nude

And in the dark
I couldn't tell if I'm asleep at all
And when we're blind
Colour isn't used

In this life
We've forgotten we were born at all
And in death
Like babies we learn to crawl

And in the hearts
Of a billion other souls depraved
We may find
On our knees we're saved

And I don't have to be afraid
Cause I know just who I am to you
And I can walk out of the dark
Cause I hear you're calling me

And in these bones
I'll find a way to climb to you
And at the peak
I'll see that you were climbing too

So I'll burn all my desires while I walk into your land
All my heart can do is to beat in your hand