Of Towers and Higher Grounds

by Daniel and the Sparrows

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So I've travelled a bit for this album. It was written, recorded, and produced in Singapore, Chicago, Indonesia, Japan, Cambodia.


released September 22, 2013

Firstly, a huge thank you to my dear wife, Stephanie Autumn Manning who truly encouraged and believed in me. Without you, I'd have not been able to pull through this huge time of change. A big thanks to my family who always supported me, even when things got a little weird.

Thank you so much Auntie Angeline and Hannah Lim (My sister) who sponsored a lot of equipment, and added so much to the music. Thank you to the Gerungan family who gave me a place to sleep while I was in Indonesia, and for trusting me with your daughter's life while I drove around Bandung. Thank you Michio and team also for being a part of this. Thank you all other musicians involved, and everyone who has inspired me by your life and faith. Thank you Grace Law for designing that seriously awesome Album Cover.

Ultimately, thank you God, for creating this world we messed up.



all rights reserved


Daniel and the Sparrows Singapore

I've got a cheap mic, and an interface that's been with me since I was 16. Now I plan to travel the world recording albums such as this one... If you like my music, please BUY something. :) It will help fund future albums...

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Track Name: 01. Killing Tree
Would it be appropriate to leave the killing tree
to watch the world go straight to hell
She wears a solemn dress weaved with your children's blood
She had to feel their screams,to tell

Several years ago… We were innocent
Their minds were pure against this killing tree
wiping all the blood away from your filthy hands
with their torn up cloths
and bones

Is it safe to come out?
Is it safe to out of the ground?
Is it safe to come out?
Is it safe to come out right now?

Your faces were painted on the walls of my heart and i
could see your million bones below
I stood beside a tree that sang untruthful songs
I couldn't hear the screams, and cries

Our conscience was buried with their bones
Track Name: 02. Winter Comes and Goes
For all the fights we're about to have
I promise you that I will be your man and turn the other cheek
For all the days when we're apart
I promise you that you'll be in my heart and those days will be few

If those hazel eyes should cry
I figured my hand was the one to dry an d fight for your desires
When life becomes a wreck
I'll be here oh darling don't you fret winter comes and goes

Autumn won't you please
Take my hand as we
Head in to the cold
Winter comes and goes

If summer never seems to come
At least you'll find solace in my arms to warm your beating heart
When daylight swiftly goes
I'll be there to remind your weary soul that winter comes and goes
Track Name: 03. Grey
There was a man who was second best
A borderline at every test
And every choice like the way he dressed
was catalogued and neatly pressed

And all the words he spoke
Were coffee stained without hope
And he's coloured blind but it's ok
cause everything was grey

His alarm goes off at half past six
'My dear wake up for goodness sake,
It's time for work like it was yesterday
so shave away these thoughts of play'

And he puts on the same old shirt
the one he bought for work
And he eyes that suit for play
but even that was grey

A time will come when I'll leave this hole
But for now there are bills and tolls
A time will come when my life unfurls
and I'll leave my mark upon this world

But everyday's the same
Playing this sadistic game
And his life will waste away
Till flesh and bones turn grey

There was a man whose life was spent
And at his wake were all his friends
They stood around in solemn forms
and sang the songs from whence he's born

And the words bounced off the walls
As they spoke about his wars
But there wasn't much to say
Cause his whole life was grey
Track Name: 04. Towers
So you feel like you're smaller than
everyone when you're on your knees

So you feel like you're always in the way
of everyone when you're on your knees

And you felt like you had to leave
to find yourself and get up off your knees

But you realise you can't do this alone
And on the road you're always on your own

We're more than these towers
That stand all alone
We're more than these heights
That seem too far to hold

So you left us only to find your way
Like the rushing wind you're never here to stay

Please try to slow down and look through my eyes
Cause only then will you get it right

Don't lose heart
Cause heart is all we own

Don't lose hope
Cause hope was for us to hold
Track Name: 05. Lazurus Tree
The rivers of our human hearts are dry
These roads that we've been driving down are worn
You said I had to believe you to rise
And I'd be alive even when I'm gone

These storms rush on by leaving behind
A trail of broken arteries and rind
But every broken heart isn't lost
like seeds they have to die before they're born

By the dark at the side of the road
We're planting forests in barren lands
And in the roots of a lazarus tree
there's faith that it will rain

I know now why you waited for me to die
cause only then could I be alive
And in spite of all the future that you knew
you couldn't save the dams before your eyes

So you knew it all before the end
That all along we were heading to a start
And you were there inside the car
When we drove through the night, between the trees
Track Name: 07. Higher Grounds

Your lives were stripped to its foundations

You hold your children in barren fields

Turn to the sun to kill the dampness

Don't dry your soil in return

The walls you've built around your gardens

They've kept your gardener outside

The weeds will suffocate your flowers

And leave debris on your shore


Where will you make your homes?


Turn your hearts to higher grounds

There is a place on higher grounds

There is a God who keeps you dry

With every breath He holds you higher

And every breathe is a dying one

Love is a city on a hill

She is a lighthouse on your rocks

Love is the temple on your mountains

Love is where you find your home
Track Name: 08. Truce
How long do I have to sing this song
In the silent bloom of my apologies
and second handed lies

I won't survive the night if you're not there
So you take your place, in the corner of my mind
right where I can't see you

It was all my fault for shutting you out
And it was my map that led us to this route
But you called it truce, destroyed my pride
by letting me win and not letting me hide

You said, your hand will always be with me
Even though I run to the far side of this world
Your grace will follow through

But you never mentioned this before
This silent concrete wall that was built by the hands
unable to climb

This fight wasn't fair from the very start
But this had to be for the sake of my heart
And you called it truce, here in the dark
Where you touched my hip, as you touched my heart

It was all my fault for shutting you out
And it was my map that led us to this route
But you called it truce, though I was to blame
As you touched my lips, with the heat of your flame
Track Name: 09. Eyes on You
I see it clearly now
There's no one else to blame
We flew our lives like kites in the rain
Now we're hanging from a tree

And like a child you climbed for me
Scratched your hands and scraped your knees
Your eyes were blind to the ground below
But am I in your reach

Is there anyone else afraid?
Am I the only child here?
Why'd you let me walk on water when you knew I couldn't swim

Don't leave me now I need you
To keep my head above the water as I drown
And I can't swim (sleep)
but at least I'll reach the shore with my eyes on you
( I still can dream with my eyes on you)

I've told myself time and again
That same conceited lie
And the dust fills in the gaps
of some dried out melody

As the light begins to reach
The dark side of the world
His invisible hands in a prayer,
Pinned to a wall of grace