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Jane, a british lady who runs a trattoria in Bobbio Pellice, and I met as chef and patron. With her being one of the few in town who could speak English, I found myself spending more time in her trattoria. We developed a friendship and discussed food, relationships, passion, and spirituality. It was difficult leaving Bobbio, but I knew I would be back one day. That day came three years later and by then I was in school and married. I was a different person, and so was she.

The hike that inspired Dear Jane took place on a surprisingly foggy day. That day, we crossed the border to France, which was a sentimental accomplishment to Jane and I because we attempted this same hike three years ago, but failed to succeed due to dangerous weather conditions. While hiking, I contemplated the strange relationship I had with Jane – how we became close friends, in spite of our geographical and generational gap.

I learned that all relationships need space, and that space isn’t to be shunned. I learned to embrace the people who come and go in my life, and to fill my heart, not with the sorrow of separation, but with the joy of having met, and the further joy of knowing we will meet again, if God wills it.

Dear Jane (chorus)
“Dear Jane is like the woods
and we flow through like a river.
If we linger for too long in the mountains,
we may flood this valley”


released March 1, 2016

Daniel Lim: Vocals, Guitars, Background vocals, Toms, Ukelele, Software instruments, percussions
Timmy Krahenbuhl: Drums and percussion (My Autumn will Sing, Dear Jane, Us)
Isaiah Nichols: Bass (My Autumn will Sing, Dear Jane, Us) and keys (Dear Jane)
Tyler Blohm: Double bass (Sound and Fury)
Eric Reyes: Piano (My Autumn will Sing, Sound and Fury, Dear Jane, Us)
Immanuel Aziz: Electric guitar (My Autumn will Sing, Dear Jane, Us)

Special thanks:
First of all, thanks be to God for all He has given my wife and I. It’s incredibly encouraging to think of our circumstances; living in Chicago, surrounded by amazing musicians and opportunities. It’s our truest desire that He will use our music to touch the lives of our listeners. Special thanks are also in order for MMPG (that’s you Isaac Jacobson and Taylor Phipps), who so graciously gave me my DAW, for all who encouraged me during my time writing and recording this album (I’m looking at you Gabes and Josh Lee), for you, my listeners, and of course for my lovely wife who supported me when I couldn’t find the will and motivation to carry on.



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Daniel and the Sparrows Singapore

I've got a cheap mic, and an interface that's been with me since I was 16. Now I plan to travel the world recording albums such as this one... If you like my music, please BUY something. :) It will help fund future albums...

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